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Actual Patient Testimonials

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Photographer gets picture-perfect smile

"I am very fortunate to work in photography, a field I truly love. It is my job to capture my clients at their best, usually smiling. All my adult life, I have been unhappy with my own smile, and to cause someone to smile for a portrait without smiling yourself is pretty difficult. For me, it was embarrassing. I have been self-conscience about my smile for years. Dr. Marc Cauchon changed all that. I am extremely happy with my new smile and very conscious of it, but now in a most positive way! Thank you Dr. Cauchon! And thanks also to your caring and knowledgeable staff!"

D.I. | Alachua, FL
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I decided to go for regrets!

"I have always been an outgoing person, but the condition of my teeth kept me from smiling as much as I would have liked. My teeth made me feel very self-conscious. When I saw Dr. Cauchon's ad in a local magazine, I decided to schedule a consultation appointment, just to meet the doctor and the staff. I was pleased to find a pleasant, professional atmosphere. After discussing my desires and my treatment options, I decided to go for it! I have not regretted my decision! I'm truly happy with my new smile. It's one that matches my personality – pleasant and beautiful!"

G.T. | Gainesville, FL
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Now I smile all the time!

"I was referred to Dr. Cauchon by a friend. I asked him if he could give me a new smile, because I wasn't happy with my existing one. He told me he could give me the smile I was hoping for. And he did! He was very pleasant and patient with me. He helped me with all of my problems. It was as easy as making a phone call. I received great service from everyone at Alachua Dental Center. People used to have to tell me to smile. Now, thanks to Dr. Cauchon and his wonderful staff, I smile all of the time. It has changed my life! "

S.H. | Gainesville, FL
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More testimonials   1 | 2 | 3

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