The LVI Difference

The premier post-graduate dental learning institution.

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Dr. Cauchon is an LVI trained dentist.

The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) was founded in 1995 and is the world's premier postgraduate dental teaching center.

A general dentist has completed dental school, which is an undergraduate degree. While dental schools teach their students to place aesthetic fillings, little emphasis is placed on comprehensive aesthetic reconstruction. LVI picks up where traditional dental education leaves off.

Long recognized as the pioneer in live-patient, post-graduate dental training, LVI offers doctors and their teams from around the globe comprehensive learning and a curriculum that inspires life-changing experiences not only in their practices, but in their personal lives.

The goal of LVI is to assist dentists in furthering their academic knowledge as well as master the most current dental procedures and technologies with intensive, hands-on clinical training. Dentists from all over the world have attended this prestigious institute and are among the finest, most progressive dentists available.

Art meets dental excellence

Art meets dental excellence at this dental graduate school. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, LVI teaches an innovative type of dentistry that blends art with quality dentistry. The school embraces a philosophy of comprehensive dental treatment. All training focuses on creating dazzling, natural-looking smiles while respecting the neuromuscular factors involved in creating a comfortable and pain-free bite.

The latest dental technology and training

LVI’s state-of-the-art 6,200 square-foot facility is equipped with two 10-operatory teaching clinics, five lecture halls and a 30-bench, hands-on workshop. The outstanding facilities are one reason why the institute has trained more than 3,000 post-graduate dentists from across the world. Each dentist walks away with the skills necessary to enrich your smile and give you the confidence to take your life to a new level of success and fulfillment.

Advanced, comprehensive cosmetic dentistry is not taught in many traditional dental schools. At LVI, dentists are trained with the latest technologies in an atmosphere that is conducive to delivering customized excellence. The institute teaches dentists how to take your dental goals and individual concerns into account to provide you with a perfect smile.

Progressive and talented

The graduates of LVI are some of the finest, most progressive dentists of this era. For LVI dentists, their passion is dental and aesthetic excellence. Dr. Cauchon has received extensive training at LVI and is skilled in the latest cosmetic dental techniques. If you are thinking about cosmetic dentistry and want the highest quality possible, contact us at Alachua Dental today.



My life was given back to me. I now have confidence and self-esteem. I feel I stayed home and missed out on a lot in life, because of my old smile. While my job has me in the public eye, children, as well as adults, made comments about me. Now, I feel I am viewed totally different. Along with the self-esteem and confidence, I am totally pain free. My own family is now so proud of me that they ask me to smile all of the time. Dr. Marc and his staff really made me feel like I was being catered to. They truly care about me.

Fort White, FL